Monday, August 9, 2010

Grandpaw Kodiak

He loved walking under the concord grapes vines. So I took off some leaves and put under the painting. I still can't believe he is gone. They just don't live long enough.
Love Ya

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

KODIAK 10-29-97 08-04-10

Kodiak passed away this morning. He would have been 13 years old this Oct. Last year we were told that he had a tumor on the lower part of his stomach and was not able to be operated on because of his age. His eye sight was all most gone. So we knew that he was living one day at a time. But none of these things kept him from enjoying life. He was my rock. He helped me raise three pups. First was Cheyenne who he named. We were in the van on our way home. The pup we just got had not been named yet. On the floor I saw one of the puzzle books. So I picked it up and the first puzzle was about Indian tribes. So I started reading them off. When I came to Cheyenne. Kodiak started jumping up and down barking. So Rob and I looked at each other and said Kodiak you just named your brother. He had the biggest smile on his face.As to say Yes I know it. After Cheyenne passed away a few years ago. We drove to IL to Stone Ridge and pick up Falcon. Hoping we would have another Kodiak. Because both of Kodiak parents were from Stone Ridge. As it turned out Kodiak was Falcon great great great grandpaw.. He let Falcon do any thing he wanted. Just loved having a new pup to raise was wonderful. When Falcon turned two we though it was time for another pup. So off we drove to a breeder in Ohio and Kodiak helped us pick out a new pup. Kodiak tail never stopped waging when he saw Jasper. He has enjoyed raising Jasper. Kodiak has always needed another dog in his life.To be happy. His ash's will be taken up north and spread in Lake Huron in front of the place we used to own along with the rest of our family.
A very sad heart
He was very special guy and left a beautiful legacy behind.
Faye, Falcon and Jasper

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This is one shot in a million. I just finished giving him a hair cut. When I click the camera it takes time to work. In that time I never know what I am going to end up with.