Monday, June 30, 2008

This New World

This new world I landed in is fun to explore. I just found this thing. Have to ask granddad what it is? It not much fun and it is stone cold. O Well can't hang around with him. There is a lot more to explore.

Mom said that I am keeping her busy and wants to thank you guys for dropping in and say Hi. When things slow down a little she will answer you guys.

bfn Falcon

Saturday, June 28, 2008

HEY there a lot to learn.

We just want everyone to know that we love all the comment we have received and they make us feel very welcome. But it is taking us a little time to learn how to reply to them. Maggie & Mitch Mom is helping us. So until then THANKS EVERY ONE.

bfn Falcon

Where is the keys?

Falcon had his first go at driving the van. Only he had one small problem ? There were no keys. LOL They say Airedales can do any thing. But his granddad told him the humans don't let us drive. HA that's not going to stop me. I didn't give up!!!!! OK then we will take our walk. bfn Falcon

Friday, June 27, 2008

Falcon & Granddad

Kodiak just lets Falcon do what ever he wants. It 's so cute to see him pick up his big feet so he does not step on falcon. Having problems posting pictures. Hope this works.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Picture of Falcon & Kodiak

I love playing out side. so many things to get into. There was a small yellow flower in the grass and I jumped on it. Got up and it popped right back up again. My grand dad is yelling on the other side of the fence. That's a dandelion. Ask Mom to let me out and I will help you find some thing good to chew on. That is all for now. Hope we were able to post a picture.
bfn Falcon

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Trip Sunday June 22, 2008

Sunday June 22, 2008. OK I am on the road with Mom & Rob going to pick up my great grandson from IL His name is Falcon and is eight weeks old from Stone Ridge. We have to travel about 560 miles. We are going to pick him up and turn around and drive back home again. The day was beautiful and I enjoyed looking out my window in the van. Things were going OK because Rob had a map telling how him how to get to there. HA When we reached Chicago we came to a point where a sign said Local or Express. Mom was driving and yelled Rob which one do I take? Rob said I don't know just pick one. So Mom took local and then pulled off the road and Rob got his cell phone out and was talking to a lady. He then turned to Mom and said We got lucky you picked the right one. Then we drove about a half hour longer. Until we came to a lot of different houses. Rob was on the cell again asking witch one. Look here I am!!!! Down the street was a lady jumping up and down waving her arms. We went in side and there was Falcon with two other little guys. Rob and Mom talked a while to the lady. Then we headed back home. Mom had a box with Falcon in it and I was sticking my nose in side to see what he was doing. We had to problems getting out of Chicago. But it was not long before there were signs saying Slow Down Men At Work. Talk about slow. Rob was going about 2 miles a hour. It was not only me wondering how long will it be before we get home. We drove at this speed for a very long time. Then Rob pulled off the express way and we got a sub. I got my share but Falcon didn't get any. Then at last after being 13 hours on the road we were home. Falcon was the only one wide a woke. No one got much sleep. Will post pictures later. Going to get some sleep. Bye for now.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

House Of Airedales

My name is Faye McLeod. and live in Detroit Michigan. Kodiak my 10 year old dale. Just found out that he has a great grandson named Falcon that is 8 weeks old . We are picking him up tomorrow from Stone Ridge in Il. So we have about a 280 mile trip a head of us. So check back to read all about Falcon , pictures and the trip.