Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vet. Check Up Age 3 Months

Well went to the Vet. today. Had to wait in the waiting room. I barked to let them know that I was here. Had to pass the time. So I chewed on Rob's shoe. You would think being a human. That he would know more words then just NO. Weighted in at 18 pounds. It was OK got another shot with treats. Going home for a nap now.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Played a little ball . Then read the news paper. Then just standing around looking for some thing else to

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Granddad Said I'am Growing

I went to the Vet. Yesterday and got another puppy shot. Weighted in at 11 pounds. Got some treats along with the shot. So that was not so bad. I also had to get a new collar. The old one was to small. LOL

When we got home. Granddad wanted to see how much I have grown. So here is some pictures of us. Wish we could have been out side. But it is pouring rain. I don't like rain.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Adventure On Hood Mountain

Falcon and Keri were loading a small cargo aircraft in preparation to fly to Italy.

To solve another case.

Falcon was putting in a rubber raft, first aid kit. All things you would need to survive on water. Keri asked why was he doing that? We are flying not boating?

Falcon said: "We well be flying over the ocean for a long time and you just don't know what can happen. "

They were in the air flying at 11,000ft. with a full moon.

Falcon glanced down and noticed that the oil pressure gauge appeared to be indicating extremely high then returned to normal. With in minutes the gauge dropped to absolute low pressure.

So he decided to make an emergency landing because he was uncertain if the gauge was faulty or if the engine was going to go. Two minutes later they experienced a prop over speed. There hearts raced as they heard the valves clatter they knew then that they were not going to make it to Oregon airport. It was hard for them to believe that this was happening.

There was not much they could do except fly the plane down through the clouds. They prepared themselves for a snow landing. The engine was continuously sounding worse. Then the cabin filled with smoke. Then there was a big bang!!!. That was the end of the engine. From that point on the plane turned into a heavy glider.

As they penetrated 2000ft it was very dark when they broke out of the clouds in preparation for the anticipated landing on who knows what? All they could see was white snow and trees. Keri was counting down 2000 1000 500 4-3-2-1 and then a moment of silence.

They impacted with a skip and bumpy bumpy. The plane came to a rest on its belly.

It looked like they had landed on a small ridge on Hood Mountain. Now a snowstorm was heading there way. It was dark and not much they could do. So they went to sleep.

In the morning they could hardly get the door open for all the snow. After taking a look around. They knew they had to make there way off the ridge. Because just over the top of them was heavy snow laying on the mountain. If that breaks loose it will take the plane with it.

So they started putting what food they had and everything together. Falcon said: "We have rope and the raft." There is one thing we can do. There is a spot over there were it goes straight down off the mountain. We just ride down in side the raft.

Once Keri was in side. Falcon pushed the raft from behind and jumped in just as the raft started going down over the side.

They were moving like the wind and holding on to each other. Bumpy bumpy they went. Then they were heading for a tree. So they shifted there weight to the left and just missed hitting the tree. WOW that was a close one.

Believe it or not? they made it down to what they thought was a safe ridge. They were just sitting there. Waiting for there hearts to stop pounding.

When Falcon heard something and turned around. Then yelled AVALANCHE!!!! Coming down towards them. They travel 70 to 80 miles per hour and accelerate to those speeds very quickly. Like the one heading towards them.

Then they saw a lone wolf waving for them to follow him. Falcon started running towards him. When he stopped and looked back. He saw Keri was stuck on something and was unable to move. He ran back By this time the Aalanche was just minutes away from covering them. Falcon pulled hard on the belt that was holding Keri's paw. Nothing happened. You could see the fear in his eyes. Then one last pull did it. She was loose and they started running towards the cave, Where the wolf was waiting. They all just made it in side the cave when the snow came crashing down covering the entrance to the ice cave.

The wolf's name was Morning Star. He often climbs the mountain in search of climbers in trouble.

Now we had to take turns digging our way through the snow that was blocking the entrance to the cave. We lost track of time. But we made it out of the cave.

Then Morning Star showed us the way down the mountain.

We are going to take a rest after that adventure.

What a great day!!!

I learned to fetch a tennis ball today. Mom was so proud of me. She couldn't believe it. But I did it!!! Mom said: It's not easy getting a good picture when I am running like a speeding bullet.

Then I found a bag of black dirt. WOW that was lots of FUN !!!!!

She was not so proud of me on that one. Had to be washed off.

Will back to do more exploring.

HUGS & xxx


Monday, July 7, 2008


This is a long distant relationship. She lives with Jean & Peter Maple her human parents in Harwich Essex England near the North Sea. She is two years old. And we both have a lot in common. We love adventure.

Here is a short story of one of her adventures.

Jean and Keri were on the beach with friends. When Keri unnoticed by any one. Started chasing a butterfly. the chase ended at an opening of a cave.

Keri had decided to explore the cave. the seventy feet were tight but simple enough for her to scoot or side through. Than it narrowed to a small crack. That might have stopped many cave explorers but not Keri. Determined she pushed her way feet first down the crack. so far so good. But then a chunk of limestone broke off and pinned her left leg in the narrow groove. Keri tried to free herself. At first nothing happened. but Keri was not going to give up. She kept twisting her body until she was free.

She was thinking. What have I got myself into now? And how am I going to get out.

Then just ahead of her she saw a small beam of light. She made her way towards it. There at the bottom of a drop off was two young boys. Holding a lantern and were trapped. The boys had told no one what they were planning.

Keri knew they were in trouble and need help. So she turned and headed out of the cave. Once outside she ran back to the beach were Jean and others were talking of two missing boys. Keri started pulling on Jean's pants leg wanting her to follow. Jean said: What's wrong Keri? Do you want me to follow you? Keri would run a short way and then return. Doing this twice was enough for Jean.

Jean then told everyone to follow Keri because she knows something. the father of the two boys said: Let's do it.

I just have a feeling. So everyone followed Keri back to the cave. The father said: O my GOD I know my boys are in there.

He and two other men started into the cave. But do to fallen rocks not able to get to the boys. One of the men had a rope on his belt and Keri started pulling on it.

OK girl I know what your saying. So he took the rope off his belt and Keri took an end of it into her mouth and worked her way throught the small opening. When Keri got to the boys she dropped the rope over the edge to the boys. The boys tied the rope to themselves and starting yelling PULL. Up they came and was able to get through the small opening and safe outside.

Everyone was yelling HOORAY FOR KERI!!!!!

Just in case you guys are wondering what the gift is? It's a turkey.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Skull Island

Here is a photo of Keri.
Falcon and Keri were just pulling up to the old house. That there friend Rusty had just bought. It's on Skull Island. The Island is magical, mysterious. Skull Island has changed little over the years. There is no glitz. No hustle and untrammeled beauty. But Skull Island has more breath catching intrigue then any other on the Great Lakes. They say that the spirit of Black Beard the pirate lives on the Island. People have been looking for his treasure for years.

As Keri was getting out of the jeep. She was saying: What a strange place. The grounds looked as though moles had been digging. Falcon said: These are traces of the treasure seekers.

At that moment the door of the house burst open, and Rusty came running out, with her hands forward and terror in her eyes. There is something in that house. Falcon said: calm down and tells us what has scare you?

No said: Rusty It is better you see for yourself. As they walked up the stairs. Rusty knees were trembling under her. The third flight of stairs ended in a straight passage of some length, ending with three doors on the left. Rusty said: There the third door that is where saw it? Falcon then tried to turn the handle and force it open. It was locked on the inside. So Falcon bent down peeping through the keyhole and instantly rose again with a sharp breath. "There is something devilish in there." Keri then looked. Moonlight was streaming into the room. and it was bright with a verge and radiance. There hung a face looking straight at her and suspended as it were, in the air, of Black Beard.

"This is terrible" said: Keri. So Falcon hit against the door, with all his weight on the lock.

It creaked and groaned but didn't open. Then all of them flung themselves and this time it gave way with a sudden snap and they found ourselves laying on the floor of the room. There was a set of steps at one side of the room, and above them there was an opening in the ceiling large enough for a man to pass through. From the ceiling hung a rope with a picture of Black Beard and on the floor laid a dead man with a small puncture to the head.

Then a man appeared standing in the doorway, with terror on his face and wringing his hands and moaning to himself. Suddenly, he broke out into a sharp cry. The treasure is gone! We have been robbed of Black Beard's treasure. There is the hold through which we lowered it. I helped him to do it. I was the last person who saw him alive. I heard him lock the door as I left him last night.

Falcon said: Who are you? Rusty popped up saying they were the caretakers of this house before I bought it.

Falcon then turned to the man asking his name? It's Pocky Ride and that there is my brother Robert. We have been looking for the treasure and just the other night we found an old book. It had a map in side it. With a black X marking the spot where it could be found.

It told of the trap door and a secret panel. There it was chest filled with gold coins.

Falcon said: Well a man has been murdered that is a fact. Now let see what we can fine.

He started looking on the floor for foot prints. But what he found was a shape of a round looking discs. Not a foot print.

But impression of a wooded stump. It's a wooden legged man that we are looking for. He must have come from the hole in the roof. Now if you would hold lamp for me, we shall search the room above. The secret room in which the treasure was found.

The room was about ten feet one way and six the other. The floor was formed by rafters. So in walking you had to step from one beam to another. Dust of years laid on the beam. Look here at this trapdoor. It leads out on the roof. This is how the killer came and left.

Falcon said I have solved the case.

Pocky you and your brother quarreled over how the treasure should be split. He then pushed you out the door and locked it. While you were getting the treasure you noticed the trapdoor leading to the roof. So you took a ladder and made your way to the roof carrying a wood stump. You entered that way and saw your brother in the room below. That is when you throw the dart from the dart board you found down stairs. Hitting him in the temple of the head. You then lower the treasure through the window to the ground. And locked the window. Then strapped the wood stump to your leg leaving the marks of a man with a wooden leg. People would think spirit of Black Beard had killed your brother. Then taking the dart and rope with you left the same way you came in.

I am sure a little searching of the grounds we well find the chest.

As for the dart? I believe it is in your jacket pocket. As there is a sliver tip sticking out of it.

Falcon just added another solved case to his list.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Falcon McLeod P I Mystery Case

OK guys. My Mom loves to write mystery cases. So here is one.

Falcon PI has a Airedale Terrier girl friend named Keri. This is there first murder case to solve.

Falcon & Keri, Were on a train with the staff from New Beginning Airedale Rescue. They were sharing the train with a card club called Blackjack.

When Patty came running into the room. saying you are going to believe this? There has been a young man murdered on the train. Falcon & Keri jumped at the chance to solve there first murder case.

They wasted no time in finding out just who and how the murder took place. The young man was named Ron Aire. In his late twenties and a member of the card club.

There was just them and NBAR staff on the train. With questioning they found out on the day of his death, after dinner he was playing cards with Sir John Cape and Colonel Moran. Falcon asked them if any thing happened during the game of cards or after? They told him that Ron was lucky at playing cards. But tonight he lost, over a few thousand dollars. But it was no big deal. With his money it was just a drop in the bucket.

On the evening of his death, he returned to his state room. no sound was heard from the room until eleven twenty. When Col. Moran stopped by to check with him on what time they would meet to play cards on the next day. He knocked and there was no answer. The door was locked from the inside. After not getting a reply from his knocking. The Col. then forced the door open. There was Ron found lying near the table. With one bullet hold in the head. But no weapon of any sort was found in the room. On the table laid some money with papers. Looked like he was making a list of club members.

Now Falcon is really baffled. No reason could be given why the young man should have locked the door from the inside. There was the possibility that the murderer had done this, and after words escaped. But how could that happen on a moving train.

Apparently then, it was Ron himself who had locked the door. But how was he shot?

No one had heard a shot, and yet there was a dead man, with a bullet, which had mushroomed out, as soft nosed bullet will, and so inflicted a wound which must have caused instantaneous death.

Falcon said: To make matters worse the absence of motive, since Ron was not known to have any enemy, and no attempt had been made to remove the money in the room.

Falcon & Keri spend the day turning over all the facts in there mind.

Then there was a knock on the door. it was Col. Moran, he told Falcon that Ron. Was also a collector of rare books. That he had one with him. But after searching the stateroom none was found. Now we have a motive.

Falcon though we are on a train that has not made any stops since the murder. So the murder has to still be aboard. Then he turned to the Col. and said Now I want you to sit down and think back to the time you entered the room. All right said the Col. It was dark only light from the moon coming through the window. So I walked to the table and turned on the lamp that was there. That is when I saw Ron laying on the floor. I turned around and saw Sir John coming through the door.

Falcon then asked the Col. What was he wearing? If I remember right. He had on a white shirt and dark pants. O wait he was carrying a black sweater. He then told me that he would go for help. Falcon then started laughing and said I have solved the case. I know how it was done and who the murder is? Do you KNOW????

First Ron had to known who the killer was before he opened the door. Or he wouldn't have left the money on the table.

Second the killer had a small revolver with a silencer on the muzzle. That is why no one heard the shot. Then he found the book.

Third he was wearing a dark sweater and dark pants. So he could be hid from view behind the door when it was opened. Because he was counting on who ever found the body. They would have had to walk to the table and turn on the light. That is when he took off the sweater and used it to cover the book and appear standing in the door like he had just come in. All the time your back was turned looking at the body. Falcon then sent word a head for the police to be waiting at the station.

When the train stopped and everyone was getting off. As Sir John walked by Falcon. He turned and said Say O CHAP good luck on finding your murderer. Then turned around into the arms of the police. Falcon said Could be my luck just changed. May I take a look into your bag? Sure enough there was the revolver and the book.

Falcon laughed and said WHAT DO YOU KNOW?

Look for more cases that Falcon & Keri will be solving.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Gotcha Now Hose

I have seen Mom work this hose and being an Airedale it should be no problem. We can do any thing better then a human. That is way they picked us so we could help them out. OK so this is going to take a little longer then I though for the water to come rushing out.

Exploring every day.


Falcon & UFO'S

Well last night it was dark and scary out side.Mom said it was going to rain soon. I was just sitting looking around at every thing. WHEN I saw it. A bright small light in front of me. Then in a blink of a eye it was gone. Then another and another. I then attacked them. Then one UFO dropped to the ground and I stepped right on it with my paw. No more UFO. Mom took pictures of them.

So the world is safe with Falcon McLeod on guard.

bfn Falcon

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Very Own Cap.

Hey guys look what Mom painted for me. My own cap. Only I guess I have to do a little growing up for it to fit.. Well back to exploring the world. It sure is fun.

fbn Falcon

Kodiak in his younger days

Here is some pictures of my granddad in his younger days. Here is one with him standing up like a Kodiak bear with his brother Cheyenne that passed away a few weeks ago. The other is him on a Whaler we use to have. He loves boats. He told me that they had a place in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on Lake Huron in the Les Cheneaux Islands. But they sold it last year. Granddad said they are really going to miss it. But things had changed so much. Low water and the wild life was not the same. He also said the whole world is changing. Life was better in the good old days. When gas was a lot cheaper.

bfn Falcon