Saturday, June 28, 2008

Where is the keys?

Falcon had his first go at driving the van. Only he had one small problem ? There were no keys. LOL They say Airedales can do any thing. But his granddad told him the humans don't let us drive. HA that's not going to stop me. I didn't give up!!!!! OK then we will take our walk. bfn Falcon


Willow the Black Dale said...

Falcon......walks are better trust me. Car rides are only fun when you get to go to McDonalds!!

Nose Pokes,

Maggie & Mitch said...

Make sure you know where the nearest ice cream spot is, Falcon! That's where you'd find us! We can almost see your hat! Your mom painted that, didn't she!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

The Airechicks said...

OMDog - what a cutie .....Falcon you just adorable....

Driving - just a minute - do you know where?? Maggie & Mitch are right know before you go.....ALL the ice cream spots....

Do you guys have Sonic - they give treats and they have ICE CREAM - and the lady come straight to the car when you buzz.....

Oh, this is going to be so wonderful to watch you and Kodiak on your adventures....


Blue said...

Trying to drive already!
You are going to be soo much fun to folllow.

Patsa & pets

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi name is Ruby, I'm friends with Maggie & Mitch. Nice to meet you and welcome to blogging! You are totally going to love it! Send my bet to your great granddad!

Lots of Licks, ruby

Asta said...

Hi so vewy nice to meet you!!!
I'm a fwiend of Maggie and Mitch...I even got to meet them in pawson last yeaw..I'd like to be youw fwiend too...I think you awe bof vewy cute
love and smoochie kisses

the 4 Bs said...

he Falcon, when you figure out how to get that car started will you let us know? we want to drive too! hee hee!

Maggie and Mitch told us about you guys. it's good to sniff you.


Putter said...

OMG! Falcon!

Welcome! Welcome! Ya know what???? I come from Stone Ridge too! Mom camed to pick ME up there tooest! OMG! I look forward to talking more soonest!


Putter ...:)

Bogart said...


Welcome to blogging Kodiak & Falcon!

We just found you on Maggie & Mitch's blog, so nice to meet you :)


the camp said...

falcon....i love car rides. especially long ones.


Lacy said...

w00f's Kodiak and Falcon...nice to meeteded u, me iz friends wiff maggie and mitch too...heehee u iz to little to drive Falcon, sweet talk ur grandad kodiak into takin u fur ice cream...

b safe,

Georgeous said...

Ah you little sweetie Falcon, how nice to have a good patient Grandad.
All the best in your new home and welcome your people and Grandad to the world of DogBlogs.
Love 'n' snuffs