Monday, October 6, 2008

The Black Mamba

Falcon had been visiting Keri in England. They had spend the day at the docks watching the ships coming into port. And helping themselves to lunch's left on a deck of one of the fish boats. They had just left the dock heading home. When they stopped to look into the window of the pet shop. Keri was standing on her back feet with her paws and nose pressed against the window. When they saw two men running from the police. Then before they even knew what happened. The two men pushed two young boys that were also looking in the window of the pet shop through the door of the shop. Falcon and Keri where caught in the rush of the men pushing the boys in the shop. The men then barricaded the front door behind them. Then one man told the boys to sit on the floor and don't move. While the other went to the back door to barricade it from the police getting in. All this time Falcon and Keri were just watching every thing going on. They knew only one thing. They had to protect the boys.

When the other man was returning to the front of the store. He looked to the side and saw a man laying on the floor. There was a box that was open near him and birds flying loose. With a closer look. He could see bite marks on the mans face. And his skin was turning purple. He started to mutter something. The man could only make out the word Mamba. Then the man was dead. When he returned to the other man and the boys. He said Gus we got a problem. Gus said tell me something that I don't all ready know. Cash said: "I am talking snake problem." Gus said what are you talking about? We got police problem not snake problem. There is a guy back there dead on the floor with bite marks on his face and his skin is purple. His last words where Mamba like in Black Mamba. Gus said OK lets not panic.

Just then one of the boys named Ross was 9 stood up and said I know a little about the Black Mamba. OK kid spill it. What can you tell us?

He is most dangerous when he is cornered. Like all reptiles, the black mamba is cold blooded, and relies on external heat to maintain its body temperature. Therefore he may be laying need the heater. When agitated, he raises the front of its body and head off the ground (up to 3 to 4 feet) then spreads a flat hood. It will then shake its head and open its mouth wide to show the black interior. When striking, he delivers quick multiple bites then makes a fast get away.

His venom is a highly potent neurotoxin and cardiotoxin with an average adult yield of 100 to 120 mg. The approximate lethal dose for a human is 10 to 15 mg.

Mambas (along with taipans and death adders) have the longest fangs of all elands.

Cash then said : "This was to be an easy job robbing the bank then an easy get away. But no we got cops trying to figure out how to get in and we are trapped in side with a Black Mamba. It does not get any worse then this.

The other boy named Lewis who was 6 pops up one more thing. He is not black in color. He is dark olive to brown. He gets his name from the black inside his mouth.

Mean while the police know they have two men with two hostage in side. Just then a man walks up to the officer and tell him. He know a way to get into the pet shop. He owns the shop next door and he knows of a door that was boarded up in his basement that connects with the pet shop. So three officers go down into the basement and pull down the boards blocking the door. Then with there gun pulled out opened the door to the pet shop. It was dark and one officers turned on his flashlight and walked into the shop. The last thing he saw was the mouth of the mamba open wide just before he delivered a quick bite, instantly releasing its grip and slid away. The officer screaming in pain turned and fell on another officer behind him. He muttered snake. The other officers dragged him back and bolted the door.

Just then a women voice could be heard saying step a side let me through. She was doctor Tracy Lake and had an antidote for the poison. She later told the police that she was from Radcliff Research and there was a mistake in the shipment of snakes. They got the wrong snake and the pet shop got the Black Mamba.

The men heard the yelling coming from the basement and wondered what was going on? Cash said: "Gus what are we going to do?" I am really scared.

All this time the two boys are sitting with Keri and Falcon be side them.

The birds were pursuing one another in swift, darting flight, seemingly unaware of the snake. Then one got to close and was snapped up, fluttering desperately as the deadly poison took quick toll of its victim. The bird struggle lasted a few minutes before it hung loosely in the snake's jaws. The mamba released its grip, placed its prey on top of a box and inspected it with flicking tongue before starting the meal. Monkeys were jumping up and down in there cages.

Everyone was watching as the mamba finished his meal and slid under the counter.

Everyone jumped when the phone rang. It was the police. Telling them to come out with your hands up.

Gus said: " We are not coming out until you have a get away car parked at the front and a plane ready to fly us any where we want to go. Or the mamba will have two kids and Airedales for a meal. Then he hung up the phone. Cash turned to Gus saying. "You really didn't mean what you said about the kids did you? No but the cops don't know that." Hours passed nothing was happening. Then Lewis saw a loose rabbit hopping along the floor. Then it squatted down to scratch itself , at that moment the mamba slid from under the counter, delivered a quick bite, instantly releasing its grip to await the effect of the venom. The rabbit scuttled back as if it had not received a fatal dose but the mamba was confident. After a few minutes it slid after its victim, checking to ensure that it was dead then grabbed its head and started eating it.

Cash said:" Lucky that we are in a pet shop? At least he has food to eat and not us. "

Just then the lights went out. It was just not a little dark. It was black as pitch. You couldn't see your hand in front of your face.

There hearts were beating a mile a minute. There minds thinking were is the mamba? Is he coming toward us? Is he in front of one of us? Then you could hear Keri's low growl as she was standing in front of Lewis and Ross. What did that mean? The fuse box was in the basement with a Black Mamba between them and the fuse box. It does not get much worse then that.

The police outside seeing the lights go out. Took this time to try entering the shop again through the door in the basement. Dressed in armor they entered the basement with flashlights. One cop stayed at the fuse box while the others made there way up the stairs and into the shop. Just then a cop using his phone said now. That is when all the lights came back on. They could see Gus, Cash and the boys with Keri standing in front of one of the boys and Falcon in front of the other. The mamba was sitting right in front of Falcon. Raised 3 feet from the floor with his hood spread and fangs showing ready to strike. When the police shot it dead. After everything was over. The police asked:" How come you guys just didn't shoot the mamba when you had your chance." There answer was? Our guns were not loaded. We just wanted to rob the bank not hurt any one.

Falcon and Keri just left the shop and headed home. Like nothing had happened.

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Charlie Daniels said...

I am happy they didn't want to hurt anyone.