Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jasper Return From Boot Camp

I am so thrilled with him. Went for our walk. He wears two collars when training. One is the training collar and the other is a back up collar so if the training comes loose. As it does at times. You still have a collar on him. When I was walking today that happened. We were walking near a busy street.. So I told him to sit and stay. With no problem I was able to put the training collar back on and continue our walk. Then a squirrel run right in front of us. Jasper was ready for the chase. But I told him to sit and stay. He did just that. Then when we were in front of our house. I told him to lay down and stay. I walked a good ten feet from him. And just looked at him for a while. Then returned and gave him treats and HUGS and told him He did GREAT!!!!!

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Maggie and Mitch said...

Good for you, Jasper! You are a smart boy!
I think mom needs to ship Mitch off to boot camp! Maybe he'll learn a thing or two - especially in the mannners department!

Love ya lots