Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Jasper is in a howloween contest to raise money for CRUSA rescue. It cost a dollor for each vote. It is exciting to watch how well he is doing. There is one in the contest that has 36 votes that would be very hard to beat. If you would like to view all that have entered click on this.
Jasper is # 13

Sunday, October 10, 2010


We have been taking the same walk for a week now. But today we saw this. It was not there yesterday. I never though of walks being a adventure. Wonder what we will see tomorrow

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Training Collar

In case you are wondering about the training collar. I put it on my arm and pulled it. All I felt was a soft firms feeling.

Jasper Return From Boot Camp

I am so thrilled with him. Went for our walk. He wears two collars when training. One is the training collar and the other is a back up collar so if the training comes loose. As it does at times. You still have a collar on him. When I was walking today that happened. We were walking near a busy street.. So I told him to sit and stay. With no problem I was able to put the training collar back on and continue our walk. Then a squirrel run right in front of us. Jasper was ready for the chase. But I told him to sit and stay. He did just that. Then when we were in front of our house. I told him to lay down and stay. I walked a good ten feet from him. And just looked at him for a while. Then returned and gave him treats and HUGS and told him He did GREAT!!!!!