Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ten Year Old Walking Sticks

Here is the photo of the Airedale Walking Stick. That was brought by Sue Sorenson at a antique show in Portland Oregon. It was one of the sticks that I had made ten years ago. If it could only talk. WOW what a story it could tell.

Here are comments on two others that own them.

Hi Falcon
Sidney wrote. "I still have my two beautiful heads purchased at about the same time. The Arizona heat separated them from the stick but the heads hold a place of honor on my bureau."

Sidney I remember how worried I was when I shipped them to you because of the heat.

Hi Falcon
Joanne wrote: "I have one like this and I love it. No antique store for it."

Thank you so much for commenting on the photo. I remember making them.

The antique dealer also had things from a woman that died. He though could have belonged to her.

I had just joined Gena Airedale list and know no one. The sticks opened the door to meeting great friends. I made 300 of them.


Kodiak Grandson Falcon said...

I am posting this for Maureen. Because she does not have a blog.
Jim and I still have the very handsome walking stick. We brought from you ages ago. It is so nice that we recently decided to hang it on the wall so everyone can enjoy it.
Maureen & The Circus

Wyatt said...

We received the envelope with the replacement eye. Thank you! Our walking stick is now complete. We will cherish it always!

Wyatt's mom (Sue)