Sunday, April 5, 2009

Falcon McLeod PI

Well guys I am hanging out my shingle. I am a Private Investigator. From time to time. I will write stories of cases that I have solved. here is one that I just finished. Hope you enjoy it.

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I had just got out of bed when the phone rang. It was my friend Linda Hammack from Evansville WI. She had just returned from a trip to India. Two days after her house was broke into. But nothing was taken. Then a shortly after she received a letter saying . We know you have it and we want it. The letter was unsigned. She said: "Falcon I am afraid and need your help."

I jumped in the car and was there that night.

The first thing I asked her?" Did she have any idea what she might have that someone wanted?" She said:" No. Next question?" Did any thing unusual happen on your trip or on the way home?

No nothing.

WAIT there was one thing. While I was waiting in line to check in my bags and things. This man was running not looking where he was going. Like he was running from someone. He ran into me and all the things I was carrying fell to the floor.. Some woman screamed and there was so much confession I had no idea what was happening or going on. Then the next minute he was gone. OK Falcon said: Let's go through all your bags. He may have put something into one of them without you knowing it Falcon Linda said: You could be right?

They looked through everything there was nothing. Then the phone rang. The voice on the other end said: Have you seen Sassy lately? Then the phone was dead. Linda then ran to the back door and called for Sassy. There was no answer. She has been kidnapped. Linda said "Falcon they have Sassy and we don't even know what it is that they want." Falcon then said; "What bag would be easy to put something into. Linda said: "I think this bag that holds my make up and things. She opened it and started taking one item at a time out. Then she said: "This is not mine?" She was holding a tub of tooth paste. Falcon took the tub and stepped on it. Out came a red ruby covered with paste. Now we know what they are after.

The phone rang and the voice said: "You better tell me that you have it? Because time is running out for your dale. Linda said:"We have it?"

The voice said:" Good, now you take the ruby put it in a brown bag and go to Willow Park at 8:00PM tonight. There will be a waste basket just as you enter the park with a red X painted on it. Drop the bag in there and walk away and don't look back. Linda started yelling WAIT WAIT don't hang up? Tell me where is Sassy?The voice said: "She will be just fine and returned to you when we have the ruby." Then the phone went dead.

Falcon said: "I know what they are up to. I have seen it done on TV a hundred times. The wastebasket has to have a false bottom and that is how they get the ruby without any one seeing them. All we have to do is find out were they are coming from. " Lets check the sewers. Sure enough right under the basket was a sewer cover. All we have to do is cover the two ways into the sewer.

At 8:00PM Linda dropped the bag into the basket and walked away.

Falcon let two men go in, but when they came out the police were waiting for them. They found Sassy in there car parked not far from the sewer safe.

Linda turned to Falcon and said: Your the best PI ever.


Suzuki said...

Hi Falcon PI!
You are the bestest PI I have evfur met!
Big licks to you

happy said...

Wow, you're quite the genius!

Mo said...

So happy that Sassy is safe! Good job, Falcon! :)