Friday, July 4, 2008

Falcon McLeod P I Mystery Case

OK guys. My Mom loves to write mystery cases. So here is one.

Falcon PI has a Airedale Terrier girl friend named Keri. This is there first murder case to solve.

Falcon & Keri, Were on a train with the staff from New Beginning Airedale Rescue. They were sharing the train with a card club called Blackjack.

When Patty came running into the room. saying you are going to believe this? There has been a young man murdered on the train. Falcon & Keri jumped at the chance to solve there first murder case.

They wasted no time in finding out just who and how the murder took place. The young man was named Ron Aire. In his late twenties and a member of the card club.

There was just them and NBAR staff on the train. With questioning they found out on the day of his death, after dinner he was playing cards with Sir John Cape and Colonel Moran. Falcon asked them if any thing happened during the game of cards or after? They told him that Ron was lucky at playing cards. But tonight he lost, over a few thousand dollars. But it was no big deal. With his money it was just a drop in the bucket.

On the evening of his death, he returned to his state room. no sound was heard from the room until eleven twenty. When Col. Moran stopped by to check with him on what time they would meet to play cards on the next day. He knocked and there was no answer. The door was locked from the inside. After not getting a reply from his knocking. The Col. then forced the door open. There was Ron found lying near the table. With one bullet hold in the head. But no weapon of any sort was found in the room. On the table laid some money with papers. Looked like he was making a list of club members.

Now Falcon is really baffled. No reason could be given why the young man should have locked the door from the inside. There was the possibility that the murderer had done this, and after words escaped. But how could that happen on a moving train.

Apparently then, it was Ron himself who had locked the door. But how was he shot?

No one had heard a shot, and yet there was a dead man, with a bullet, which had mushroomed out, as soft nosed bullet will, and so inflicted a wound which must have caused instantaneous death.

Falcon said: To make matters worse the absence of motive, since Ron was not known to have any enemy, and no attempt had been made to remove the money in the room.

Falcon & Keri spend the day turning over all the facts in there mind.

Then there was a knock on the door. it was Col. Moran, he told Falcon that Ron. Was also a collector of rare books. That he had one with him. But after searching the stateroom none was found. Now we have a motive.

Falcon though we are on a train that has not made any stops since the murder. So the murder has to still be aboard. Then he turned to the Col. and said Now I want you to sit down and think back to the time you entered the room. All right said the Col. It was dark only light from the moon coming through the window. So I walked to the table and turned on the lamp that was there. That is when I saw Ron laying on the floor. I turned around and saw Sir John coming through the door.

Falcon then asked the Col. What was he wearing? If I remember right. He had on a white shirt and dark pants. O wait he was carrying a black sweater. He then told me that he would go for help. Falcon then started laughing and said I have solved the case. I know how it was done and who the murder is? Do you KNOW????

First Ron had to known who the killer was before he opened the door. Or he wouldn't have left the money on the table.

Second the killer had a small revolver with a silencer on the muzzle. That is why no one heard the shot. Then he found the book.

Third he was wearing a dark sweater and dark pants. So he could be hid from view behind the door when it was opened. Because he was counting on who ever found the body. They would have had to walk to the table and turn on the light. That is when he took off the sweater and used it to cover the book and appear standing in the door like he had just come in. All the time your back was turned looking at the body. Falcon then sent word a head for the police to be waiting at the station.

When the train stopped and everyone was getting off. As Sir John walked by Falcon. He turned and said Say O CHAP good luck on finding your murderer. Then turned around into the arms of the police. Falcon said Could be my luck just changed. May I take a look into your bag? Sure enough there was the revolver and the book.

Falcon laughed and said WHAT DO YOU KNOW?

Look for more cases that Falcon & Keri will be solving.


Charlie Daniels said...

I look forward to reading the next case. :-)



Blue said...

That was fun - one of my fav. mysteries is Murder on the 'Orient Express' & this week I went to see another Agatha Christie story @ the theatre, 'And Then There Were None' - if your interested see my blog review.

I look forward to the next investigation.
Pats & pets

PS - I have a friend who writes short stories:-

Maggie & Mitch said...

You sure have an exciting life for just a squirt, Falcon!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

B. Roan said...

Another fun, exciting story. I'm looking forward to another. BJ

♥Steff♥ said...

Wow. I would have never been able to figure that out on my own. You and Keri deserve an applause!


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