Saturday, July 5, 2008

Skull Island

Here is a photo of Keri.
Falcon and Keri were just pulling up to the old house. That there friend Rusty had just bought. It's on Skull Island. The Island is magical, mysterious. Skull Island has changed little over the years. There is no glitz. No hustle and untrammeled beauty. But Skull Island has more breath catching intrigue then any other on the Great Lakes. They say that the spirit of Black Beard the pirate lives on the Island. People have been looking for his treasure for years.

As Keri was getting out of the jeep. She was saying: What a strange place. The grounds looked as though moles had been digging. Falcon said: These are traces of the treasure seekers.

At that moment the door of the house burst open, and Rusty came running out, with her hands forward and terror in her eyes. There is something in that house. Falcon said: calm down and tells us what has scare you?

No said: Rusty It is better you see for yourself. As they walked up the stairs. Rusty knees were trembling under her. The third flight of stairs ended in a straight passage of some length, ending with three doors on the left. Rusty said: There the third door that is where saw it? Falcon then tried to turn the handle and force it open. It was locked on the inside. So Falcon bent down peeping through the keyhole and instantly rose again with a sharp breath. "There is something devilish in there." Keri then looked. Moonlight was streaming into the room. and it was bright with a verge and radiance. There hung a face looking straight at her and suspended as it were, in the air, of Black Beard.

"This is terrible" said: Keri. So Falcon hit against the door, with all his weight on the lock.

It creaked and groaned but didn't open. Then all of them flung themselves and this time it gave way with a sudden snap and they found ourselves laying on the floor of the room. There was a set of steps at one side of the room, and above them there was an opening in the ceiling large enough for a man to pass through. From the ceiling hung a rope with a picture of Black Beard and on the floor laid a dead man with a small puncture to the head.

Then a man appeared standing in the doorway, with terror on his face and wringing his hands and moaning to himself. Suddenly, he broke out into a sharp cry. The treasure is gone! We have been robbed of Black Beard's treasure. There is the hold through which we lowered it. I helped him to do it. I was the last person who saw him alive. I heard him lock the door as I left him last night.

Falcon said: Who are you? Rusty popped up saying they were the caretakers of this house before I bought it.

Falcon then turned to the man asking his name? It's Pocky Ride and that there is my brother Robert. We have been looking for the treasure and just the other night we found an old book. It had a map in side it. With a black X marking the spot where it could be found.

It told of the trap door and a secret panel. There it was chest filled with gold coins.

Falcon said: Well a man has been murdered that is a fact. Now let see what we can fine.

He started looking on the floor for foot prints. But what he found was a shape of a round looking discs. Not a foot print.

But impression of a wooded stump. It's a wooden legged man that we are looking for. He must have come from the hole in the roof. Now if you would hold lamp for me, we shall search the room above. The secret room in which the treasure was found.

The room was about ten feet one way and six the other. The floor was formed by rafters. So in walking you had to step from one beam to another. Dust of years laid on the beam. Look here at this trapdoor. It leads out on the roof. This is how the killer came and left.

Falcon said I have solved the case.

Pocky you and your brother quarreled over how the treasure should be split. He then pushed you out the door and locked it. While you were getting the treasure you noticed the trapdoor leading to the roof. So you took a ladder and made your way to the roof carrying a wood stump. You entered that way and saw your brother in the room below. That is when you throw the dart from the dart board you found down stairs. Hitting him in the temple of the head. You then lower the treasure through the window to the ground. And locked the window. Then strapped the wood stump to your leg leaving the marks of a man with a wooden leg. People would think spirit of Black Beard had killed your brother. Then taking the dart and rope with you left the same way you came in.

I am sure a little searching of the grounds we well find the chest.

As for the dart? I believe it is in your jacket pocket. As there is a sliver tip sticking out of it.

Falcon just added another solved case to his list.


Blue said...

Another nice fun story.
Off to tell my froeind about you - her names BJ!

Blue said...

Another nice fun story.
Off to tell my froeind about you - her names BJ!

Pats & pets

PS - You do look soo cute Falcon!

B. Roan said...

I enjoyed reading your story! I'll be checking back for more! BJ

Willow the Black Dale said...

Great mystery you have solved there Falcon! Skull Island sounded scary! My mommy had to read it to my while I hid my face under my blankie!


happy said...

What a nice story! Skull Island sounds really scary.