Monday, July 7, 2008


This is a long distant relationship. She lives with Jean & Peter Maple her human parents in Harwich Essex England near the North Sea. She is two years old. And we both have a lot in common. We love adventure.

Here is a short story of one of her adventures.

Jean and Keri were on the beach with friends. When Keri unnoticed by any one. Started chasing a butterfly. the chase ended at an opening of a cave.

Keri had decided to explore the cave. the seventy feet were tight but simple enough for her to scoot or side through. Than it narrowed to a small crack. That might have stopped many cave explorers but not Keri. Determined she pushed her way feet first down the crack. so far so good. But then a chunk of limestone broke off and pinned her left leg in the narrow groove. Keri tried to free herself. At first nothing happened. but Keri was not going to give up. She kept twisting her body until she was free.

She was thinking. What have I got myself into now? And how am I going to get out.

Then just ahead of her she saw a small beam of light. She made her way towards it. There at the bottom of a drop off was two young boys. Holding a lantern and were trapped. The boys had told no one what they were planning.

Keri knew they were in trouble and need help. So she turned and headed out of the cave. Once outside she ran back to the beach were Jean and others were talking of two missing boys. Keri started pulling on Jean's pants leg wanting her to follow. Jean said: What's wrong Keri? Do you want me to follow you? Keri would run a short way and then return. Doing this twice was enough for Jean.

Jean then told everyone to follow Keri because she knows something. the father of the two boys said: Let's do it.

I just have a feeling. So everyone followed Keri back to the cave. The father said: O my GOD I know my boys are in there.

He and two other men started into the cave. But do to fallen rocks not able to get to the boys. One of the men had a rope on his belt and Keri started pulling on it.

OK girl I know what your saying. So he took the rope off his belt and Keri took an end of it into her mouth and worked her way throught the small opening. When Keri got to the boys she dropped the rope over the edge to the boys. The boys tied the rope to themselves and starting yelling PULL. Up they came and was able to get through the small opening and safe outside.

Everyone was yelling HOORAY FOR KERI!!!!!

Just in case you guys are wondering what the gift is? It's a turkey.

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Maggie & Mitch said...

What a nice pressie from Keri!
You're quite the storyteller for such a little squirt, Falcon!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch