Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Adventure On Hood Mountain

Falcon and Keri were loading a small cargo aircraft in preparation to fly to Italy.

To solve another case.

Falcon was putting in a rubber raft, first aid kit. All things you would need to survive on water. Keri asked why was he doing that? We are flying not boating?

Falcon said: "We well be flying over the ocean for a long time and you just don't know what can happen. "

They were in the air flying at 11,000ft. with a full moon.

Falcon glanced down and noticed that the oil pressure gauge appeared to be indicating extremely high then returned to normal. With in minutes the gauge dropped to absolute low pressure.

So he decided to make an emergency landing because he was uncertain if the gauge was faulty or if the engine was going to go. Two minutes later they experienced a prop over speed. There hearts raced as they heard the valves clatter they knew then that they were not going to make it to Oregon airport. It was hard for them to believe that this was happening.

There was not much they could do except fly the plane down through the clouds. They prepared themselves for a snow landing. The engine was continuously sounding worse. Then the cabin filled with smoke. Then there was a big bang!!!. That was the end of the engine. From that point on the plane turned into a heavy glider.

As they penetrated 2000ft it was very dark when they broke out of the clouds in preparation for the anticipated landing on who knows what? All they could see was white snow and trees. Keri was counting down 2000 1000 500 4-3-2-1 and then a moment of silence.

They impacted with a skip and bumpy bumpy. The plane came to a rest on its belly.

It looked like they had landed on a small ridge on Hood Mountain. Now a snowstorm was heading there way. It was dark and not much they could do. So they went to sleep.

In the morning they could hardly get the door open for all the snow. After taking a look around. They knew they had to make there way off the ridge. Because just over the top of them was heavy snow laying on the mountain. If that breaks loose it will take the plane with it.

So they started putting what food they had and everything together. Falcon said: "We have rope and the raft." There is one thing we can do. There is a spot over there were it goes straight down off the mountain. We just ride down in side the raft.

Once Keri was in side. Falcon pushed the raft from behind and jumped in just as the raft started going down over the side.

They were moving like the wind and holding on to each other. Bumpy bumpy they went. Then they were heading for a tree. So they shifted there weight to the left and just missed hitting the tree. WOW that was a close one.

Believe it or not? they made it down to what they thought was a safe ridge. They were just sitting there. Waiting for there hearts to stop pounding.

When Falcon heard something and turned around. Then yelled AVALANCHE!!!! Coming down towards them. They travel 70 to 80 miles per hour and accelerate to those speeds very quickly. Like the one heading towards them.

Then they saw a lone wolf waving for them to follow him. Falcon started running towards him. When he stopped and looked back. He saw Keri was stuck on something and was unable to move. He ran back By this time the Aalanche was just minutes away from covering them. Falcon pulled hard on the belt that was holding Keri's paw. Nothing happened. You could see the fear in his eyes. Then one last pull did it. She was loose and they started running towards the cave, Where the wolf was waiting. They all just made it in side the cave when the snow came crashing down covering the entrance to the ice cave.

The wolf's name was Morning Star. He often climbs the mountain in search of climbers in trouble.

Now we had to take turns digging our way through the snow that was blocking the entrance to the cave. We lost track of time. But we made it out of the cave.

Then Morning Star showed us the way down the mountain.

We are going to take a rest after that adventure.


Laurie, Woo's Editor said...

what an adventure, great read.

Stephanie said...

Wow, I am terrified of planes. I can't drive one much less ride on one. I would take a rest after that adventure too. I love snow but it isn't all that fun when it is trying to smush you. Keep up the good explorin'!!!! Good luck to you and Keri both!